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We feel jointly responsible for the future generations. Let’s make our world better than what it is today.

Welcome to the Congo Foundation.

The aim of our Foundation is to try to open opportunities for a better tomorrow for the citizens of the DRC, especially in the Sud-Ubangi region, through projects related to the most fundamental areas of life such as education, access to clean water, or the possibility of making a decent living through environmentally friendly work. Is it our mission to seek involvement and initiative for the community of the Sud-Ubangi Region. Impacting just one life can make it possible to change one thread of history and a path for a brighter future.

The region in which the Foundation operates has been claimed by scientists as the so-called ‘carbon sink’ (CO2 sink), a key part of the planet’s peat forests that combat climate change. Helping the people of Sud-Ubangi through our projects, inevitably leads to a significant reduction in deforestation of these areas, and thus helping our common Earth. Thanks to our efforts to preserve the natural environment of Sud-Ubangi, it is our mission to protect it in the best possible condition for future generations, and at the same time make a measurable contribution in offsetting the global amounts of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

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About us

Founders of the Foundation

We were born and raised in Warsaw, immersed in the Polish culture during the 90’s, the era known as post-communism. This historical period allowed for new opportunities for the country and its citizens.

The prosperity that happily coincided with our birth, gave us great life opportunities in terms of security, free access to education, and quality of basic necessities, which were not always available.

For most of our lives it seemed to us that people all over the world were drinking the same clean water, and every child was given education in the hopes of building a brighter career and future for themselves and their families.

Entering a more conscious age and discovering our roots, we came to realise that the reality is completely different. Our father and our whole family on his side, the Lobala-Enyele tribe, come from one of the poorest places on the planet, the province of Sud Ubangi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Congo Foundation - Dominik Babia Ebebenge

Natalia Boyeli Ebebenge

“Everyone has the right to live with dignity. With dignity means to be safe and to live consciously. Without education there is no consciousness or choice. I know that I cannot save the world by myself.

I also know that everyone can make a small contribution so that all of us can live better, in harmony with the nature around us. Promoting good deeds is a courageous testimony to a responsible existence. Support doing good.

And what example will you set for the next generation?”

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Congo Foundation - Dominik Babia Ebebenge

Dominik Babia Ebebenge

“The help, which brings tangible results, literally changes the lives of many people, and what is within our reach is not only satisfactory, but also seems to be a certain minimum that we can demand from ourselves.

This is the purpose of our Foundation, which focuses its activities in the extremely poor region of Sud-Ubangi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

By making an effort with our resources and the aid through our initiatives, we hope to “pay off” the life debt that the community face with, in a country where peace and prosperity prevail and where there is free access to opportunities.”

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Democratic Republic of Congo

300 000
hectares of forests disappear every year in Congo
years - average age of people in Congo
Congo is the second largest country in Africa
70 %
people in the province have no access to treated water
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