The Democratic Republic of Congo, or former Zaire and formerly the Belgian colony, is a vast country in the heart of the African continent. Its area, similar to the area of Western Europe, is covered predominantly by equatorial tropical forest – the second, after the Amazon, known as the ‘lungs of the Earth’.

The DRC is a country that is unimaginably rich in numerous natural resources and, unfortunately has been severely exploited. Firstly by the plundering practices of European explorers, then global superpowers and corporations, and their successive irresponsible dictatorial governments, which have lasted for hundreds of years.

Today, because of its exploding demographics, the DRC is a country of the future. Its capital, Kinshasa, is already a huge city with a population of nearly 15 million people, and by 2050 it will be 50 million. With an average age of the population being 18 years of age, this will inevitably make a great impression for the future.

Unfortunately, the DRC is also a country with extremely limited access to the basic needs for a dignified life such as education, electricity, safety, clean drinking water and finally, opportunities for professional development.

Due to the country’s immense territory, the most excluded from basic life opportunities are the people from the most remote provinces. Among these provinces, are the people of Sud-Ubangi.