There are no further places in the world that are as challenging to reach than as our ancestral roots. It is no coincidence that even European explorers, ignited to redness in their curiosity and greed, managed to arrive there only around 1920.

In the jungle, a few dozen kilometers from the town of Dongo on the banks of the Ubangi River, there are dozens of settlements where several thousands of people, full of energy and dreams, live.

Life there is still very much running in the natural rhythm of the life of gatherers and hunters as primary survival. There is no telephone coverage, no access to electricity, no schools where children could learn, no access to treated water either.

There is a beautiful, endless primeval forest in which the whole diversity of animals, plants and people live together with the threat of extinction. Our common forest is inhabited by us, but also by leopards, forest elephants, lowland gorillas, ebony trees, as well as our Pygmy brothers.

The ancestral DNA test we carried out showed us that we also have a 1% admixture of blood from the Pygmies, the ancient hosts of our forest.