The Sud Ubangi people are traditional gatherers and hunters who did not engage in farming on a larger scale, despite having very fertile soil.

In view of significant changes, one of the key issues for a better future is food security for a rapidly growing population. Learning techniques for growing maize, beans and other vegetables, and access to good quality seeds, combined with the fertile soil of Sud Ubangi, would have a life-changing effect on hundreds of people. River access to the market in Kinshasa gives the opportunity to actively participate in trade.

Our goal is a long-term and organic process of learning the best agricultural techniques among the Sud Ubangi community. The development of entrepreneurial attitudes and the idea of cooperatives will consequently give the Sud Ubangi people tools to build a better future for the next generations. Thanks to training and a well-thought-out land management solution, we will support the development of agriculture, but in the most efficient and environmentally neutral way possible.

We need the support of educated and experienced professionals in the field of tropical agriculture.